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How do I manage the dust smoothing?
Since Duster usually lives in humid places, it is necessary to remove the humid environment with constant ventilation. And you have to work hard to remove mold, the staple food of dust smoothing. Once a dust removal occurs, it is difficult to completely eradicate it without professional quarantine and constant management, so we recommend a professional consultation.
Green Touch
What’s the difference from hand sanitizers on the market?
In order to increase the user’s hand disinfection performance rate a little more conveniently, the GreenOn front door hand disinfection machine is designed to open the door handles that people use frequently and perform hand disinfection at the same time.
Green Touch
Can you fill it up for free when the medicine for the front door type hand sanitizer is used up?
For rental products, we visit regularly to replace drugs and inspect equipment, but for products sold, you must purchase additional drugs.