Other Public Places

Other multi-use facilities
In today’s global era where the importance of infection prevention is emphasized, we provide in-flight disinfection services for domestic and foreign airlines based on our expertise.
In addition, IoT-based new concept infection prevention technology covers a variety of applications ranging from pest control to air disinfection and purification.

Technology Overview

Our ultrasonic vaporization-based disinfection technology was reviewed through a safety test
with no chemicals left at Inha University Hospital Food Safety Research Center in collaboration with Korean Air.
The KPS3002 is built and operated based on the inboard disinfection manual of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
In addition, the G20 Seoul Summit, the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, etc.
Successfully performed as an official disinfection company at a typical event.
Disinfection technology based on ultrasonic vaporization
The drug is vaporized at room temperature, so there is no change in weak properties. It consumes a small amount of medication.


Particles lighter
than air
Ultrafine particles (0.11 ~ 0.27㎛) lighter than air Vaporizing technology
Eco-friendly quarantine without drug residue
Since there is no drug residue, plants, grains, fibers, It can be used for electronic equipment and equipment.
Soil pollution and water pollution It is an eco-friendly technology.
IoT Remote
Control System
Control the concentration of hazardous substances using the IoT sensor, and the environment It provides information technology and enables unmanned quarantine.
Issuance of Disinfection Certificate
Enforcement rule of the “Act on the Prevention and Management of Infectious Diseases” Article 36 (4) Types of legally compulsory disinfection facilities and frequency of disinfection