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Ultrasonic vaporizer
Evaporative control technology beyond the limits of the misting method-IoT smart control farm

IoT Smart Control Farm

Provides information on the concentration of harmful substances
in the air by remote control of the amount of chemicals used v

[뉴스플러스]  안전한 농산물생산 초음파 활용분사기 개발
2012 excellent invention & 2015 WIPO (UN-affiliated Intellectual Property Rights) award
The ultrasonic vaporizer uses a mixed-use continuous multi-ultrasonic wave (1~250KHz) to evaporate the pesticides in the state of ultra-fine particles (0.15~0.27㎛) lighter than air at room temperature.
It penetrates the bottom surface and has excellent control effect. This is a space control system that does not cause any residual or damage to plants.
Facility horticulture and grain warehouse control effect and weakness / residual test
Rural Development Administration: Particle measurement
Jeonnam Agricultural Technology Institute: Greenhouse powder control effect and weakness / residual test
Gangwon National University Agricultural Life Science: Thrips insect control effect and weakness test
Handle Nonghyup & Gokseong Nonghyup & Deoksan Nonghyup & Grain insect control effect and residual test
Features of the ultrasonic vaporizer

Unmanned control

Early prevention

Excellent control effect

No pesticide detection

Performance example
Certification status

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