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Air purifier sterilizer
Space sanitization technology beyond the limits of air purifiers
2020 excellent invention & Procurement Service Innovative Product / Venture Country Registration

Air cleaning and space sanitization effect

It is possible to convert to space sanitization by means of the
Bio Aerosol Index while operating with the air cleaning function and the air cleaning function.

Germicidal bubble water generation technology

Disinfecting bubble water with improved half-life by electrolysis and stirring of tap water (or salt water) in the electrode assembly
We have the technology to generate (low concentration HOCL, OH-, O2-, hydrogen ions).

Plasma generator (FDA approved accessory)

A module that maximizes the effect of preventing infection by generating 200 to 600 million negative ions and positive ions per second is installed in the plasma generator.

Integrated indoor bio aerosol index

Comprehensive Bio Arosol Indx predicts air quality and airborne microorganisms
It is equipped with an algorithm technology that converts to air purification or space sanitization.

Air quality and sanitization effect
[Performance test institute]
– Five kinds of fine dust and harmful gas tests: Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, Korea Institute of Convergence Chemical Testing
– Airborne microorganisms (MRSA, pneumonia, Escherichia coli) test: Korea Institute of Construction and Living Environment, Yonsei University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation
– Human corona, swine flu, influenza A, Zika virus, bird flu, test: Microbiotest (US), Kitasato Univ (Japan)
안전성 평가
[Toxicology testing agency]
– Biotoxtech (pressurized flow radiation stirring electrode, hypochlorous acid 20mg/L)
– Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (Pressurized flow radiation stirring electrode, chlorous acid 35mg/L)
– Nonclinical Research Institute, Chemon INC (Plasma Ion Generation Module)
Core technology of air purifier and sterilizer
01. Indoor Bio Aerosol Index
What is the Comprehensive Indoor Bio Aerosol Index?
Using the IOT sensor, the air quality index such as fine dust and the food poisoning index, etc. It is an algorithm that predicts air quality and airborne microorganisms by indexing.
– Air purification and space sanitization conversion
– Provides indoor air quality environment and airborne microbial environment via app and web
02. Barometric flow radiation stirring electrode module / sterilization bubble water generation technology
When water and salt water are applied to the pressurized flow radiating stirring electrode by applying pressure to the electrode, it is electrolyzed and simultaneously stirred (pressurized → collided → dispersed → mixed).
It is a technology that generates low-concentration sterilization bubble water (HOCL 10mg±2/L, OH-, O2-, hydrogen ions) with improved half-life.
– Water reduction in contact with bacteria and organic matter (RH + HOCH + H20 = ROH + HCI (trace amounts) + H20)
03. Plasma generator / cation, anion generation technology
When highly reactive free radicals come into contact with harmful substances such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the air, they oxidize cell membranes and damage DNA.
It makes it impossible to re-function and inactivates or removes it through the process of taking electrons back and reducing them to water molecules.
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