Business Area

health business

Air purifying sterilizer / Space pest sterilizing device
Boarding Bridge Station System

Infection prevention
platform business

Bio Aerosol Index System
Providing air quality and infection
prevention prediction information

Prevention service business

Ultrasonic Vaporizer (Utilization)
Facilities subject to in-flight disinfection and compulsory disinfection

Smart quarantine
control farm business

Ultrasonic Vaporization Prevention Device (Smart Prevention)
Ultrasonic Vaporizer (Smart Control Farm)

Leading company from smart air quality and
infection control to smart farm unmanned control
Greenon prevents indoor air pollution and airborne microorganisms
through air quality improvement and infection prevention platform technology.
Air quality and infectious diseases predicted by the Comprehensive Indoor Bio Aerosol Index Provides monitoring information
for environmental conditions for and provides constant prevention and immediate response through remote control.